ICYMI: Touring James Bond’s (Hypothetical) Kitchen

Earlier this week I had the chance to preview the James Bond Kitchen display at Vancouver’s VanDusen Gardens!

Someone decided to answer this question: “if you could design a kitchen for James Bond, how would it look?”

One BC-based  team put a whole lot of thought into thinking up a kitchen for the sharply dressed spy.

“Vodka martini. Shaken. Not stirred.”

This rack, which holds Belvedere Vodka, is a Liquid Systems design exclusive to Daintree Industries. It’s just one of the handful of unique pieces in this kitchen.

Everyone knows how much James loves a good martini at the end of the day!

This particular kitchen has everything from automated martini glass and vodka displays (the latter seen on the left) to a few secret automated compartments to hide guns in.

“It started out as just doing a dresser with some hidden storage and passport compartments, etcetera. And it really evolved into this monster. Really showcase obviously the martini side – of what we know James Bond as, as well as how he would live day to day.”

Joel Trigg with Daintree Industries says he and his team chose a clean, classic white design with black walnut wood.

“We haven’t really seen James Bond’s actual apartment in many of his films so, you know, how he lives is kind of up to our imagination in a sense. But trying to keep it a little more bright; obviously this event is a lot more bling, so Liquid Systems brings that to the table.”

The kitchen also has a precisely organized compost and recycling area.

It’s on display for the weekend at the Luxury Super car Event at VanDusen Gardens.


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