LISTEN: The Reel Report with Ria Renouf – Friday September 18 2015

FRIYAY! FRIYAY! And it’s a Friday of movies that will likely revitalize the box office!

It’s been a drought at the box office the last few weeks. This is the summer typical lull; August is often horrible for new releases. The box office is fairly unchanged since last week: Straight Outta Compton is on its way out of the top five, but it’s had a fantastic run. M. Night Shyamalan’s The Visit starts its first week at number two, and number one at the box office is thriller The Perfect Guy – about a love triangle that goes completely wrong.

For the newest movies at the box office, clearly I’m incredibly hopeful! Lots of anticipated releases, like Black Mass, Everest and Captive. I’m expecting Black Mass and Captive to have some fantastic performances; Johnny Depp in the former, and Kate Mara in the latter.

If you’ve seen Twitter lately, you’re probably familiar with my disappointment in the fact they’re doing a Point Break remake. That hits theatres in December, and was my ‘Traliers That Have People Talking’ selection.

To wrap things up, I highlighted Pitch Perfect 2 as one of this week’s home releases, and next week Poltergeist (this year’s remake) is also out. Flashback Friday recommendation: you’ll get a real blast from the past with The Indian in the Cupboard, which came out in 1995. More than 20 years ago. Yes. This makes me feel old.

A big thank you to Jon McComb as always for chatting with me every Friday morning, Greg Schott for podcasting the audio, McComb Show producers Timothy Dickert and John O’Dowd for cheering me on  – and to those who tune in each week!

And, of course, if you missed the episode – check it out below!

Next week, I’ll be talking about all the movies I saw over the weekend, and I HAVE to share a really interesting one with you in the next while – I just saw a great independent film and I need to talk about it, so expect that from me soon.

Have a great weekend and, until the next post – keep it reel!



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