LISTEN – The Reel Report with Ria Renouf – October 23 2015

This week: the past takes on present-day releases, the long-suffering Paranormal Activity franchise gets another movie, and a Vancouver-made film is my Flashback Friday recommendation.

This week on the Reel Report, a not-so-surprise number one movie (hint: it was all thanks to a certain date this week), The Martian was knocked – just ever so slightly – to number two (just less than a million dollars separating the number one and number two movies), and 3 through 5 continue to change.

Out this week, we’ve got Burnt, with Bradley Cooper. First reviews have this movie pegged as…not so great. The long-suffering Paranormal Activity franchise adds The Ghost Dimension movie to its list. It’s apparently expected to just break even in the theatres; $10 to $12 million in the first week on a budget of about the same amount.

Trailers that have people talking

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is nothing short of awake online. It’s been four days since the last trailer before the movie is released launched, but the chatter on social media continues. The trailer is below if you haven’t seen it.

Another interesting trailer: The Boy. This is out in January, and chronicles the story of a nanny who goes to a home in rural England to take care of a couple’s doll. Yes, I wrote doll. The catch: this couple says the doll is their son. Holy batman. Yes, it’s creepy.

Out this week on home releases…

Southpaw and The Gift are just some of the few films that are new to the potential collection pool.

And for a Flashback Friday release? I recommend Vancouver-made, Morgan Freeman-highlighting Along Came a Spider. 

ICYMI: you can listen to the segment below!

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