REVIEW: stay a while and watch Hotel Transylvania 2

Another review on the backlog burner – a decent movie for kids and adults alike.

Hey there, friends!

It’s another review I’ve banked, but I’m putting it out now because it might be a good one to add to your Halloween list! It is making its way out of the theatres, but perhaps it is one that you can actually catch at a drive-in movie. (As of October 23, 2015, it’s still showing at five Cineplex theatres in Metro Vancouver.)

Hotel Transylvania 2 is the sequel to the first movie (not surprisingly called Hotel Transylvania) starring the vocal talents of Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez and Andy Samberg. In case you missed the first one, Count Dracula’s daughter (Gomez), falls in love with human Johnny (Samberg), and the whole point of that movie is to try and drive the pair apart (which clearly doesn’t work out).

In the sequel, Dracula (Sandler) finds out he’s having a grandchild. Once the little one is born, Dracula has trouble coming to grips with the possibility the part monster, part human may not turn into a vampire. Some of those indicators? 1) Grandson Dennis doesn’t have fangs by the time he’s five. 2) He can’t maintain a comb-over. 3) He can’t turn into a bat…and can’t fly.

I didn’t mind the first movie. I actually snubbed it, to be honest. It was only when I received the first movie as a gift I thought I’d give the second one a chance.

I did go see HT2 on a cheapie day, which was good – and if you’re a couple of adults going to see this movie (it’s okay, your secret is safe with me) – then I recommend seeing it on a half-off Tuesday. If you have kids, they’ll probably enjoy it more than you will (because it’s a cartoon), so it’s worth your money either way.

What I did appreciate was some of the underhanded humour that adults would obviously pick up on; children – not so much. The story is predictable, and isn’t anything new, but it’s still fun.

Adam Sandler is solid as Count Dracula. I would argue he needs to stick to voice acting, and not do what he did with Pixels, which was, the long and short of it…make a bad movie.

Back to HT2: the movie is simple fun. A good Halloween option for the kids. 7.5-I’m-not-a-monster-not-yet-a-vampire out of 10.

Not familiar with the film? Get to know it – watch the trailer below!

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