LISTEN – The Reel Report with Ria Renouf – Friday November 4 2015

Another ho-hum week at the box office is about to get an injection of excitement thanks to a classic spy…and a classic cartoon!

This week I had the chance to sit down with Simi Sara and talk about what’s coming out today.

The North American box office remains mostly unchanged. The Martian starring Matt Damon is still number one, but the space-themed movie will probably get knocked to third or fourth place with the releases of Spectre and The Peanuts Movie. I’m giving Spectre an okay, but I’m calling it now: The Peanuts Movie is the best animated movie this year. 

Two new trailers were also released on Thursday, November 4th: Alice Through the Looking Glass is the sequel to Tim Burton’s and Disney’s collaboration back in 2010, and while Helena Bonham Carter is back as The Red Queen (what the heck happened to her being banished from the kingdom?!), it looks like the real villain is Sacha Baron Cohen. He’ll be playing…well, Time. The character is a half-human, half clock, and all creepy.

I’m also excited for London Has Fallen, which is the sequel to Olympus Has FallenAaron Eckhart, Gerard Butler and Morgan Freeman all reprise their roles. Oh, and it escalates: we go from one world leader being threatened (as we saw in the first movie) to multiple leaders facing the wrath of a terrorist group.

In home releases next week, we’ll see Trainwreck with Amy Schumer, and Terminator Genysis with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And my Flashback Friday release: Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys. It’s been twenty years since the movie came out (!!) so it’s getting a 20th anniversary Bluray release. And yes, it also includes Bad Boys II. 

Missed the segment? Take a listen below!

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