REVIEW – Anomalisa: an animation adventure for the ages

Leave it to Charlie Kaufman to create a kind of movie that we haven’t seen before. 

Anomalisa is an interesting yarn about an author, Michael Stone (David Thewlis) who is basically restless and miserable in his life. Stone, who writes about customer service techniques, happens to meet a not-so-confident woman named Lisa (Jennifer Jason Leigh), whom he get to know.

The best part about this movie is, like Ex Machina, you’re asking yourself a LOT of questions after you watch the film. For instance, you might be wondering about the back story of the characters. Then you’re wondering why you’re asking this about a bunch of stop-animation characters, and you ask yourself, “is this real?” It’s definitely not real life, but it certainly does a great job on reflecting on one’s own life,

Anomalisa is rated R for a reason. Don’t be fooled by the dialogue in the trailer – the movie is a far cry from appropriate (yes, the two main characters get it on).  The animation is brilliant, though it was funny to see and hear the people reacting to the animated sex scene in the theatre.

Check out the trailer below!

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