WATCH – J.J. Abrams has an overachieving itch to scratch with ’10 Cloverfield Lane’

If I’d spent basically forever filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, I’d probably take a break. But J.J. Abrams doesn’t do that. Instead, he works on another movie. Good grief.

Confession time: since I’ve entered the world of media, I’ve had to work ten times harder to be organized, efficient, and…awake…and I just read the news for a living! Seriously! But it is hard work, I won’t deny that.

You know what else is hard work? Filming a movie. You know where it gets even harder? When you’re a director trying to follow George friggin’ Lucas. Yeah, that guy who made Star Wars. Or what we’d alternately call a piece of history.

But if you’re J.J. Abrams, not only do you put out Star Wars: The Force Awakens – you help put out another trailer for the sequel to an awesome movie that you basically conceptualized – and worked so hard on – years ago. A little movie called Cloverfield. And you call this one 10 Cloverfield Lane. 


That’s great; that’s awesome. Then you go ONE STEP FURTHER and you tag the end of your trailer with the release date: March 11, 2016. Yes, that’s three months after putting out that juggernaut – The Force Awakens. 

Even though Abrams only has a producer credit on this one, it’s still impressive. I mean, you just finished working on The Force Awakens. Take a break or something! But I guess if you love what you do, then…keep on keeping.

I don’t even want what Sally Albright’s having anymore. I’ll have what J.J.’s having.

If you haven’t seen the original Cloverfield, and you like movies about aliens, and people running for their lives, you might want to suit up and watch the first one before you go see the sequel, which does not look like – based on the trailer – the same kind of found footage, first-person filmed kind of movie.

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  1. […] sci-fi nerd with a pulse was pretty excited earlier this year when the trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane suddenly popped up all over social media. Back in 2008, Cloverfield took the world by storm, notably for its crazy monsters and its fresh […]

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