REVIEW: you can be anything you want to be in Zootopia, even entertained

This is a fantastic movie – I strongly recommend it.

When you look at Zootopia’s movie poster, it looks overwhelming. Every animal you can think of is there. Foxes. Rabbits. Rhinos. Elephants. Tigers. Lions. Bears. Oh my! The good news is it’s an all-inclusive Disney ride that anyone can go on – whether they’re eight or eighty.

Boasting a solid voice cast – including Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Peter Dinklage, Bonnie Hunt and Shakira, Zootopia is about an ambitious, somewhat jaded bunny cop (voiced by Goodwin) who, due to a number of circumstances, has to team up with a sly, conniving fox (voiced by Bateman) to solve a mystery.

Zootopia is one of those movies which, despite being a cartoon, everyone can find a bit to relate to. The youngsters will love the animation, and the adults will love the jokes – be they obvious or otherwise (one of my favourite joke involved a lemming nod to the Lehman Brothers; another one involved Alan Tudyk’s “Weaselton” character, which clearly was a nod to Frozen and his “Wesselton” character). There are also a lot of underlying messages and themes that people, young and old, can take away: don’t judge others, aim high, never quit, don’t dabble in self-doubt, celebrate who you are…I could go on and on.

I also enjoyed how heartwarming the story was. Officer Judy Hopps (I’m not kidding, that’s the rabbit’s name) never stopped chasing her dream. Even though she was a meter maid for a bit, and not an actual officer (spoiler alert: until about 40 minutes into the movie), she was so impressively persistent. She’s also the perfect illustration for kids: never give up on your dreams. Judy, for most of the movie, makes you feel pretty good.

Jason Bateman as fox Nick Wilde is charming, smooth, and a brilliant con artist – that is, until you get to know him. Other really entertaining characters? I really enjoyed Jenny Slate as Dawn Bellweather, a deputy mayor sheep. I won’t give too much away, but her bits are pretty good.

I must give some major props to the writers, and the dreamers behind Zootopia. One of my favourite scenes was when Judy was moving from her little town to the big city. The music may have been a little questionable (Shakira, I love you, but what were you saying in the song?!), but the visual spread was a picturesque feast!

Is there anything I can knock Zootopia for? Perhaps how the plot is a little out of left field – but it’s forgivable in a movie that has so many good things going for it.

Oh, and Peter Moosebridge – I mean Mansbridge’s cameo? Not bad at all.

Four and a half hopping cop bunnies out of five. Strongly recommend going to see it – with or without children in tow.

Check out the trailer for Zootopia below!

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