This week: I give two movies a perfect score, Spiderman makes his first appearance in a new Captain America: Civil War spot, and who knows what the heck is going on with the Beetlejuice sequel.


Well, it was an easy call to make: Deadpool has been dethroned, paving the way for Zootopia to rule the roost at number one. It’s brought in more than $286 million worldwide in its first week out. Zootopia is a great movie with a lot of heart (I’ve actually seen it twice already), and gave it a high – but not perfect score – in my review. You can take a look at that here. London Has Fallen and Deadpool have been moving back and forth in the rankings. Earlier this morning, London Has Fallen was number two, and Deadpool was number three, but the two have now switched places. Despite all the dollar hoopla, Deadpool has officially passed the $300 million mark domestically, making it the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time. As for the rest of the box office: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot and Gods of Egypt finish off the top five.  Click here to read my review of London Has Fallen, click here for Gods of Egyptand click here to read my review of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. 


Let’s kick it off with the movie that every single sci-fi dork got excited over earlier this year when the trailer randomly showed up online: 10 Cloverfield Lane. Starring John Goodman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the movie chronicles the experiences of a young woman who survives a car accident, and is saved by a survivalist. When she wakes up in an underground shelter, she figures she may have been abducted. I’ve reviewed the movie for you here. Also, this is officially the first movie I’ve given a perfect score to this year.

Next up: The Little Prince. Boasting a talented voice cast and beautiful story in the form of its animation, this movie is worth watching at least once. It’s my second perfect scoring film of the year.

Also out in theatres today: The Brothers Grimsby. Another Sacha Baron Cohen vehicle, this film chronicles the story of one brother trying to find the other after they are adopted by separate families. One ends up becoming an MI6 spy, and the other is a soccer fan with a lot of kids. Guess which character Baron Cohen is playing?

Also out in select theatres: The Young Messiah, and rom-com The Perfect Match, which Queen Latifah has an executive producer credit for.


Everyone is losing their minds over the new Captain America: Civil War trailer, because the new Spiderman has made his first appearance. Tom Holland will play Spiderman/Peter Parker in the May film, and the upcoming Spiderman reboot. Frankly, I’m irritated with the Spiderman series, which has been plagued by – in my opinion – too many reboots. I also don’t know if I can handle anymore of Uncle Ben dying. If you’re trying to figure out why people are losing their minds over this Spiderman appearance, it’s because this will be Spidey’s first time in a Marvel Studios film since the rights to hero jumped from studio to studio (Stan Lee sold them back in the day – the superhero has been under the Columbia Pictures brand; Columbia Pictures is owned by Sony).

Also trending: Beetlejuice 2. Originally, it was because a report from Dallen Harris of ShowbizSpy  claimed he’d received a statement from Tim Burton himself saying the film “was a go and has been approved by the Warner Brothers team.” The story on the linked page has now added a disclaimer at the bottom. I guess the long and the short of it is, no one seems to know what’s going on, which, if you look at the sequel’s history…it’s been through this problem before. At least once in 2014. Confused? So am I. Allow me to add to the confusion with this clip of Ryder talking about the sequel during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers. 

For what it’s worth, Burton has been busy promoting Miss Peregrine’s Home for Gifted Children, and he’s getting ready for his next project, Dumbo, so maybe he is too busy for anything else?


You can check out Victor Frankenstein, which came out on Tuesday. Next week: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip, and award-season heavy hitters The Big Short and Brooklyn. As for my Flashback Friday? Why not check out Batteries Not Included? That came out in 1987.

Missed The Reel Report? Take a listen to it below!

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