REVIEW – Get Over It (or Ghostbusters, I guess)

Why am I asking folks to get over it? Because the new Ghostbusters is a good time, like its predecessor.

I will confess: I was one of those concerned with the new Ghostbusters film. I’m a fan of the original 80’s flick. As cheesy as it (and the sequel) happened to be, it was a good time. But instead of Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray and friends in the driver’s seat, we’ve got Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. The plot is pretty straight forward: ghosts invade The Big Apple, and it’s up to a new team to take them down. There are a few twists on the original: our four lady Ghostbusters employ the help of a good-looking – albeit stupid – secretary named Kevin (Chris Hemsworth), and some dude named Rowan (Neil Casey) shows off his major obsession with the dead.

I’ve never really been a big fan of Melissa McCarthy or Kristen Wiig, who play Dr. Abby Yates, and Dr. Erin Gilbert, respectively. I can handle them in small doses (Spy or Despicable Me 2), but when everyone was on board the Bridesmaids train, I was nowhere near the station. For some reason, in this movie, they are funny, they’re charming, they’re relatable – and they just work. Yes, they each had their own moments where you were bound to roll your eyes during some typical funny bits, but they worked for the most part.

And where that pairing was some next level stuff, can we please talk about Leslie Jones (Patty Tolan) and Kate McKinnon (Dr. Jillian Holtzmann)? If you said ‘no,’ too bad – I’m going to. These two have their own funny thing going on together – but stand strong on their own. The Patty Tolan character relies a little more on the kind of classic slapstick stuff, but Holtzmann is smart and silly. Combine both in certain scenes, and they work fantastically off one another. Holtzmann is definitely my favourite of all four characters.

I do have boundaries, though: the Kevin character was too much for me. Chris Hemsworth as the village idiot – I mean secretary to the Ghostbusters – is a little out of left field for Hemsworth. This isn’t in his wheelhouse, and sometimes, it shows. I could have done with less of him. There is one part where he won me over – let’s just say you need to stay to the end of the movie. The Rowan character, played by Saturday Night Live writing alumni Neil Casey was alright. There were some moments where I was like, “hey, this guy is totally nuts, and is adding to this movie! I like him!” And then there were moments where I was like, “get this guy out of here, he is boring me to tears.”

As for the special effects, there were some shining moments. You know the movie is going to have a major showdown moment, and in that moment, the effects weren’t so bad. Some of the gadgets were ridiculous, but that’s part of the shtick. I had a few moments where I had to give my head a shake, because while the science seemed like it could be true, a lot of us in the audience knew enough to know it wasn’t, and that it sounded dumb.

It’s not a perfect movie, and it’s not going to replace the original films, but I think it does a good job of embracing the mythos’ roots, and cultivating the story into something more out of 2016 than 1984. Between the casting, the cameos (the second to last and last cameos were outstanding!), the not-too-over-complicated story-telling, and ghosts old and new, I think they did a good job. They didn’t knock it out of the park, but it’s somewhere between a double and a triple. In fact – I would go see this again.

Now, for all those hating on this film and not having seen it for whatever reason…

Yes, I know it’s Kevin (who I am not a big fan of), but he just sums it all up so eloquently.

My “get over it” sentiments go out to the crowd that say a group of women couldn’t take the helm to make the movie work. Well,  they can – and they did. I often crap on Hollywood for being super lame and unoriginal – and they get no marks overall for that here. But was the story there? Yes. Did the characters work? Yep. Did I have a good time? Si.

Four Ghostbusters out of five. It’s worth seeing in theatres.

Check out the trailer here!

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