Yes! ‘Close Encounters of the Film Kind’ to land at CKNW

I tell you what’s going on every week at the box office – but it’s time to take it to the next level with my up-and-coming podcast on CKNW!

10536526_10152225033376863_383773090496981957_oHi everyone!

I’m excited to announce I’ll be hosting a CKNW original podcast, called Close Encounters of the Film Kind. This podcast is a branch of The Reel Report, which you hear every Friday morning on the Jon McComb Show, and my blog. 

I received the green light to get the ball rolling on the program today – Friday, September 23rd, and I’ll be joining two other podcasts – one of which you can already listen to here.  For those of you who don’t know, I am already part of another podcast called “Just the Tip,” which is a gaming-themed podcast I’ve contributed to since 2014. It is not affiliated with CKNW. (I don’t recommend you listen to it unless you’re an adult who likes gaming – it’s not generally recommended for children…but you can click here if you’re curious.)

Close Encounters will cover movie-related topics from A-to-Z. Whether it’s a timely film topic, a cross between current events and film, or a film subject near and dear to my guests and myself, there’s something for everyone each week.

My podcast is just one of the cool offerings CKNW has. You can check out the other ones by clicking here. 

I also want to take the time to thank people for listening to The Reel Report each week, to all the local critics who have helped me out as I learn more about this business, and to the Jon McComb Show and CKNW for giving me a chance to do this. This podcast actually comes one year after the Reel Report launched, so it’s a great anniversary gift for me.

I’m always looking for story ideas, interesting guests, and more! Don’t be shy and drop me a line at ria(at)cknw(dot)com if you have a tip for me.

One response to “Yes! ‘Close Encounters of the Film Kind’ to land at CKNW”

  1. […] Close Encounters of the Film Kind is my podcast that takes some of the fun nuggets we talk about – briefly – during The Reel Report. During Close Encounters, we’ll explore some of the stories at the box office – and even beyond! You can find more information about the podcast here. […]

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