With the weather expected to be not as wonderful as it has been these past few days, you can get cozy a Metro Vancouver theatre with a handful of films.


No time travelling needed: leave it to Doctor Strange to be a big box office draw – which, of course, is good news for the cinema drought we’ve seen over the last couple of months. Plugging in a little more than $103 million, it’s left number two entry Trolls in the dust – Trolls has made a little more than half of that. At number three, Hacksaw Ridge with Andrew Garfield and Vince Vaughn, and closing out the top five, it’s The Accountant and Inferno – the position of that last film proving that Hanks’ ability to draw has been a touch weaker than in previous years.



Led by an all-star trio, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker take on extra-terrestrial visitors in this film, which, in my opinion, is probably one of the best of the year. I break it down for you in my review, which you can read here. 

Shut In

A shout out to Vancouver boy Jacob Tremblay, who stars in this film alongside Naomi Watts. Watts plays a widowed child psychologist, who lives in an isolated existence in rural New England. She decides to take on the task of caring for – not only her own son, but also another young boy named Tom (played by Tremblay). When Tom disappears, Watts’s character hopes to find her…but, runs into a few issues.

Almost Christmas 

Featuring a popular who’s who of actors – Danny Glover, Mo’Nique and Gabrielle Union – this film takes us into the life of widower Walter (Glover) who is trying to cope with the loss of his wife. He decides to invite his four grown children – and their family – to spend Christmas with him. Walter is hoping there’s some degree of normalcy, so he can enjoy the holidays with them – though that might be asking for a little too much.


Collateral Beauty

How many stars can you pick out in here? Featuring an ensemble cast including Will Smith, Kate Winslet, Edward Norton and Helen Mirren – to name a few – this one has people really loving it….or really hating it with its latest trailer, which you can view below.


Earlier this week we had Sausage Party – which I wasn’t the biggest fan of. Next week, you can purchase Finding Dory – and there are two films getting Collector’s Edition releases. They are Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and The Jungle Book (the 2016 live action film).

As for my Flashback Friday recommendation, I’m going with Citizen Kane. It’s been a while since I’ve seen this film, but I remember enjoying it growing up.

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