t w e n t y s e v e n

Absolutely grateful.

I just wanted to stop, take a moment, and say how happy I am to be celebrating my twenty-seventh birthday. As I wrap up my day, I can’t help but appreciate how wonderful it’s been. I spent most of it eating, but I also spent time trying to dodge the subject of my so-called fete with other people because I haven’t really ever enjoyed birthdays.

In a twist of events, it felt really good to be remembered and appreciated – and the acknowledgements (without saying anything about it being my birthday) were great!

I think my goals for the year include speaking up more, generally. I’ve started to do that but I need to do more. They also include taking on more challenges – whether those challenges are work or personal.

I’d definitely like to be more responsible with finances (don’t we all?!) and get rid of the unnecessary material things in my life; focus more on moments than materialistic things.

I’m entering my 27th year with a lot of gratitude, accepting the growth and changes I’ve been through in the last twelve months, and I’m looking to all the adventures ahead with family and friends.


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