This is What We’re Into – Episode One

I’m excited to be part of a brand new series on the Jon McComb Show on CKNW!

Earlier last week, I shared with you the (at first) not-so-great news that my on-air baby, The Reel Report, was going off-air. It was a lot of fun, but it was a lot of work, and, admittedly, didn’t really reflect media and entertainment consumption in 2017.

Cut to April of 2017, and I think this is 100 per cent a step in the right direction with This is What We’re Into, a weekly segment on CKNW that gets us chatting about the kinds of things that, well, we’re simply into. What’s really neat about this is that it gives me a chance to step outside my movie reviewing box, and gets me talking about all the Netflix I watch, the books I read – and maybe one day, if I have enough patience to sit through it, a podcast (or two) that I’m into.

I will do my best to post the episodes here each week, and give you a quick summary of what I chose and why. This week, I chose to talk about the controversial Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. Why? Well, it’s getting more and more chatter among parents, teachers, and students, because of the show’s content. You can read my actual review of the show by clicking here. 

Looking forward to many, many more episodes with this crew!

Take a listen right now – you know you want to! 😉

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