PODCAST: Close Encounters – Episode 21 – Our #bcelxn Movie

This week: another trailer divides the internet, and Shakiel and I cast our #bcpoli movie votes, offering up suggestions as to who would play Christy Clark (Liberals), John Horgan (NDP) and Andrew Weaver (Greens) in a film about…well, them.

On this episode Shakiel Mahjouri and I talk about the latest trailer to grace the internet stir up all kinds of opinions: The Dark Tower, based on the best-selling novels by Stephen King.

The duo also get a little political – with the provincial election just around the corner – by ‘casting’ their own #bcelxn17/#decisionbc vote for celebrities to play the leaders of the three main political parties. It was inspired after BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver told 99.3 FM The Fox that he’d like to be played by Mel Gibson in a film about himself. Shakiel shares his issues with that choice.

Who would you pick to play the main B.C. political party leaders in a feature film, and what would you call it? Don’t forget to drop us a line through Facebook, Twitter, or on this blog to let us know!

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