OPINION – Please, please vote

If you’re one of about 3.1 million British Columbians eligible to vote, you should.

This year I made the decision to vote early. I’m glad I did because I don’t generally like to deal with crowds – which I usually encounter on voting day.

But this time around, the crowds are a good thing. Seriously.

Every time there’s been an election, I’ve had to listen to so many people say “who the hell cares?” Well, you should care. Voting is one of the ways by which you can shape your cities, provinces, and your country. And if you haven’t been following politics or aren’t a political nerd (I admit, I’m not a massive B.C. politics nerd, but I know enough to make some kind of what I’d call informed decision) I’ve included a link to CKNW’s coverage (click here!) so that you can read some of what we’ve been doing to get you all caught up.

If you need more information about getting to a polling station and how that all works, you can click here.

It’s your responsibility to vote, so please make sure you hit the polls today. Remember, it wasn’t too long ago that people took beatings and bullets so you could mark a ballot. People died for this right. People still do today, in other countries.

So vote. Mmkay? 🙂

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