This is what happened to me when I got a Fitbit

How this half-thought out request became a full-time obsession.

Disclaimer: this post is in no way, shape or form, sponsored. As I’ll go on to explain below, my Fitbit was gifted to me by Jon, and Fitbit is not directly involved with this post. 

I have mixed feelings about anniversaries, but this particular one was very important to me. Jon and I had managed to make it to the six-month mark. Yes, we celebrated a halfiversary.

His gift was easy: there was a NASA wallet the dude had been eyeing for months. I’m convinced it’s after I showed it to him, but deep down, I know he’d been looking at it for much longer.

I jumped the gun and got his present about a month earlier, because his previous wallet was not in the greatest shape (and frankly, this NASA wallet was much nicer), so when we went to pick it up (and monogram a shark into one of the folds — yes, that’s Jon for you) he turned to me and asked what I wanted for our upcoming halfiversary.

“I don’t know. I don’t really like getting gifts.”

It’s true. Half the time I never know what to do with them, and half the time I always feel embarrassed getting them. I don’t know why; it’s just always how I’ve been.

The question came up a few more times, and I just kept avoiding it.

One day we went to Staples to go look at paper shredders for our apartment. We happened to walk past the Fitbit section. Now, generally I’m not a hi-tech watch/tracker kind of girl (I usually wear analog watches and try and keep my phone in my pocket to track my steps, and yes, I’m aware that it’s ironic for a tech blogger) but I was intrigued. We oohed and ahhed at a few models, and I mused that the Alta HR was neat.

Jon picked it up and started walking to the till.

“No. I don’t want it now.”

He put it back.

As the day approached, Jon kept asking what I wanted. I haphazardly replied, “well, the Fitbit is interesting.”

The day of, there was a Fitbit at my desk. I was excited. It was coral, small — obviously to fit my child-size wrist, and its screen looked quite sleek.

I had to admit: there was about an hour or so when we were setting it up that I thought it looked gimmicky. The damn thing wouldn’t update, it wouldn’t connect to my phone, and it kept intermittently shutting off when we’d try to charge it. The charger looks simple enough: it’s a claw clip with two electrodes you match up to the underside of the Fitbit, which has matching electrodes. A full charge can get you up to seven days of use.

When we got it up and working, and I slapped it on my wrist, I at first I found it really annoying: the thing would vibrate every second hour, telling me to get off my ass and walk around. Eventually I was pissed off enough that I’d keep walking around, more than I probably would have in the past. Then I went outside for a walk (which I rarely do). I’d come home, having done about 9000 steps, which is about ten times more than I generally do in a day.

Then I wanted to work out. I never want to work out.

One of the cool things about the Fitbit is that I can actually track everything in one app. I was previously using an app called Lifesum to do that, but its food category is not as extensive enough as would have liked it to be, and it doesn’t properly sync up with the LG Fitness App. The Fitbit app is comprehensive: not only have I been tracking food, but I’ve also been tracking my sleep, my water intake, and whether or not I’ve burned more calories than I have consumed. Most days, I have actually made my step, food and workout goals.

I’m approaching the one-week mark, and I have to say I am impressed. It’s like putting a personal trainer on your wrist. I have a couple of health issues, so I’m hoping that this will help me out — at least a little bit. If you’re thinking of getting a Fitbit, I say do it. After all, if you’re like me (read: super lazy) and you need something to motivate you, this isn’t a half-bad option.

Plus, I can’t deny how awesome it is when after I’ve made my step goal, the little screen shows fireworks. Or rocket ships!

A warning it’s not for everyone though: the biggest complaint is generally wrist irritation. Recently someone complained about their wrist being burned. Best to be cautious if you’re irritation-prone.

For me, though? So far, so good.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, my Fitbit is telling me to get off my ass and go walk around because “it’s step o’clock!”

Useful links:

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If you want to see if there’s a Fitbit tracker that’ll meet your needs, take this quiz. 

I use the Fitbit Alta HR in conjunction with my LG V20 phone.

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