THROWBACK – marking two years as an Assignment Editor (and just about three, officially at CKNW)

Oh god, already?

“What’s an Assignment Editor?”

I still get that question a lot — but it’s basically what the title says: we get a lot of ‘assignments,’ and I edit them.

Nearly two years ago I was asked to fill some really, really large shoes at the assignment desk, and to this day, I feel like I could be doing more. I think that’s normal though: if one loves what they do, they’re going to want to do more of it each day.

The last two years at the desk (three total and four all-in) at CKNW have been fascinating. I’ve learned more about myself doing this job than I ever did as a teen, or even in post-secondary. I am incredibly appreciative of the fact someone decided to take a chance on me and throw me deep-end into this seat. It really was a way by which I learned how to swim.

And the swimming continues, because, really, you get into this industry for a variety of reasons. I started out wanting to help people; over the years it’s become into more than that. It’s the way in which I’ve learned so much about the world around me; how to remain curious, ask why things aren’t fair, and share a few laughs.

You may have read about me getting hired at CKNW in my biography, but I will never forget the way I was offered the job.

I was heading into my second year of broadcasting school, and I’d just been hired as an interim cosmetics manager for Shoppers Drug Mart. I was also getting ready to take a weekend off for the very first time in years that August; I’d actually bought tickets to see my favourite band, CHVRCHES, in concert in Seattle. I was supposed to be away for three days.

Then came the call: the day before I was going to leave for the concert, I was asked to come to CKNW for a ‘chat.’ I’d originally suspected it was to discuss a possible internship placement during second year, but the call stirred something in me.

This might be a job offer. Sh*t.

I got on the phone right away with a buddy from class. I mulled it over with him, and I chose to skip the concert. I didn’t even try to resell the tickets. I just didn’t go.

I’m glad I did that.

Not long after, I was offered a job — and that kicked the entire thing off.

Three years later, I’m incredibly grateful to be in radio. Is it stressful sometimes? Sure, but what job isn’t? The other thing about working as a radio journalist I know there are WAY MORE jobs out there that are far more stressful than this one after talking to people in various industries. I’ve talked to teachers, prison workers, nurses, health authorities, retail workers in fear of losing their jobs to machines, people struggling to find a break in the film industry…the list goes on.

I’ve spent so much time laughing, learning, and understanding a lot more than I ever did. I’ve met wonderful people, who have become lifelong friends — yes, including the boyfriend. What else can I say? I consider myself very lucky, and I would love to know and experience so much more.

It’s been a great ride to date. Can’t wait to see what’s next. Thanks to everyone who helped me get to this milestone — family, friends, colleagues, and mentors.


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