SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT – From Our Table to Yours

Jon and I are excited to share some of our cooking creations with you!

Hi everyone!

Starting September 15, I’ll be publishing a blog series called “From Our Table to Yours,” which is a five-post chronicling of five recipes we’ve made at home. As I’ve mentioned on air on CKNW, we are big fans of the Budget Bytes website and app, and we’ve been making an effort for more than two months now to cook our meals at home. These posts are in no way sponsored by anyone, and this is just something I’ve been wanting to chronicle for a while.

I’m so incredibly lucky because Jon has extensive knowledge in cooking and baking. Before he went into radio, he actually spent time working in the culinary world as both a cook and a baker! He’s often putting twists on things that I sometimes don’t understand…until I try the food and I go, “okay. This didn’t make sense when you said it out loud, but after eating it, you’re 100 per cent right.”

Meantime, I know very little about cooking…aside from making mostly Asian food, I’m not as creative as he is, so he’ll be taking the lead on a lot of this stuff.

We’re really looking forward to sharing these recipes with you. Be sure to let us know what you think each post in the comments, or tweet at us if you have any suggestions!


One response to “SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT – From Our Table to Yours”

  1. look forward to the recipes

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