Renouf Writes 3.0 (but who’s counting?)

This poor blog has been through so many revamps. Here’s what’s going on with it.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you’re enjoying the day with your loved ones…or maybe you’re taking a break from all your loved ones after all the holiday shenanigans, who knows?

January 1st, 2018 is the day I relaunch my blog! I will be posting weekly at the minimum — every Monday — with the goal of sharing all kinds of things with you. This includes tips and tricks I’ve picked up, and maybe even some insight into my personal experiences. It’ll all depend on how I’m feeling. 😉

As always, a reminder this blog has nothing to do with Global News Radio/CKNW — this is all my own stuff. (Though the blog will likely make mention of some of the stuff I’ve done.) If you want to look at some of the stuff I’ve done for work, click here. 

If you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram, you’ll see these posts relatively early, but if you want to be notified right away, then be sure to hit the subscribe button below! And it’s absolutely worth signing up for a WordPress account, even if you’re not blogging, because you’ll be able to follow some really cool content.

Cheers, as always!

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