Bullet journal layouts: July

Taking a look at July’s spreads.

Whoops! I meant to put this out earlier but had forgotten all about my high school piece which is why this is coming out a little later than I’d liked. 

Each month, I’ll be blogging about my bullet journal (bujo) spreads and designs. If you don’t know what a bullet journal is then you can read about my interpretation of the practice, or take a look at the basic format.

Unlike this blog, if there’s one thing I’ve been consistent with, it’s my bujo. I take it everywhere with me: work, downtime, vacation time — you name the location and it’s there.

What a mess! This was April 2018. I’d actually used the Hello Kitty stickers to cover up my original drawings…which I ended up not liking.

One of the things I’ve been trying to work on is making the hobby a bit more artistic in nature. While I have neat writing, I don’t have the calligraphy skills that others do, but I’ve been trying to make the cover pages and layouts less busy looking.


I recently enjoyed watching The Toys that Made Us on Netflix and was for some reason compelled to draw Gudetama. Yes — the lazy “Japanese egg thing.” I’ve actually had my pages open at work and some people complement it, or even bring up the documentary. It’s definitely not the best drawing job (I drew and filled this in mostly with a yellow gel pen) but it’s cheered me up when I look at it! (And frankly, that’s all that matters.)

I’ve also been enjoying squares and rectangles for my day-to-day layout designs. While I didn’t luck out all that much with the April cover page, I figured out I liked the weekly layouts for that month (they mostly incorporated long and short boxes), and have been sticking to that format the past few weeks. I’ve been supplementing

Simple, clean lines + paperkumaco stickers = happy planning!

those designs with stickers from paperkumaco. My favourite collections from the site so far have been the Alice in Wonderland and Dessert Animals. I also just ordered a couple of sheets from the Coco collection.

Most of my gel pens recently died so I’ve taken a shine to using fine line and metallic Sharpies to help turn my design dreams into reality. I make note of things using regular ballpoint pens (I prefer Papermate and Bic) and I have a few pens I was recently gifted by my sister-in-law and her boyfriend for my birthday. They’re just plain black ballpoint pens I snagged from Indigo. They’re pictured below.

I feel like I’ve come a long way from where I initially was with my bujo  but it doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned colourful spreads and designs. Obviously we go through phases of what we like and don’t like, so I’m not closing the door on rainbow lettering anytime soon.

Do you have any layout types you gravitate towards? How about supplies? Drop me a line in the comments!


3 responses to “Bullet journal layouts: July”

  1. Brandon's Bullet Journal Avatar
    Brandon’s Bullet Journal

    I love the drawing you did! it’s so cute! You did an amazing job with it thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much! It was a lot of fun to draw! ^_^

  2. […] I’ve had my bullet journal (I’ve just made it past the one-year mark, woo hoo!) I think the busiest month has been this one. This was the first full month I’ve been working at my new job; back when I was in radio land […]

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