Series: the micro-wedding

We decided to have a micro-wedding. In this series, we outline the steps we took to make our big day a tiny, comfortable affair.

I’m excited to announce another series! It will be done in four parts, and discusses planning a smaller wedding, which people may refer to as a micro-wedding. Generally micro-weddings involve a party of 20 people or less and include some or all of the parts of a traditional wedding.

My husband, Jon, and I decided to go with a smaller wedding for a number of reasons. While one of the reasons included saving money, we initially wanted to elope — and a micro-wedding was the closest thing to us doing that while still being able to include a small amount of family.

Jon proposed in November of last year, and we eventually chose to get married the following February.

The four-part series will touch on:

Discussing the choice to have a micro-wedding: why we went ahead and went with the smaller wedding.

What kind of things we chose to include: from our photographer to a wedding party, we made quite a few changes.

Inviting people to our special day: keeping the whole thing a secret, and prepping for possible fallout.

How we felt afterwards: reflecting on the decision, and looking at if we could have done anything better.

Wedding season may be in full swing, but for couples in the starting phases of planning for their special day next year, a micro-wedding may be something to consider. If you’re curious, this is the blog to bookmark!

Be sure to follow this site to be notified when posts come out, not just for this series, but for other ones, too. And I’ll generally share post links to Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, so feel free to follow or connect through some/all of those channels as well.

Our beautiful wedding photos, which are featured heavily throughout this series, were shot by Yinan Scott Shi. If you’re in the Metro Vancouver area, Yinan comes with our highest recommendations for professional photography work for any occasion.

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