What’s in my work bag?

Here’s what I like to keep in my work bag!

I’ve always been fascinated by what people keep in their work bags. I figured I’d join the pack and share what I keep in mine.

The bag

I’ve stayed with two options over the past five years.

I like something that’s stylish and functional — so I purchased a Herschel backpack when I first started reporting. I’ve had it for five years; it’s comfortable, but still looks chic. Plus the fabric allows me to pin all the buttons I want to it! I generally take it to work when I need to carry camera gear around.

When I know I’m going to be working at my desk — which is most days — I actually prefer to carry a fun tote. I cycle through a bunch, but my current favourite is my Gamer Tarot Card bag that I bought at Powell’s Books in Portland. It’s easy to just throw everything in there — and go about my day.

The bullet journal

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you know how much I love my bullet journal. If you are not familiar, it is my agenda, art book and journal — all rolled into one. To learn more about why I use a bullet journal take a look at my most recent post on the topic.

Key chain fob

I was initially having a tough time trying to find my keys in my bag, but I purchased a key chain fob through Amazon. Not bad for $8.99. Plus, I can actually stow my Compass Card — used on the local transportation system — in the middle portion. While mine is no longer listed, this item is similar, and can easily be found on Amazon.

Prescription glasses & prescription sunglasses

I have astigmatism, and my prescription doesn’t qualify for contact lenses, so glasses are an important part of my life. Most days I can only read things when they’re fairly close to me; I’m starting to lose the ability to read things from afar. If you’ve ever watched Disney’s Recess, there’s a line that’s resonated with me from one episode where one of the main characters loses their glasses: the janitor tells Gus Griswold to keep his pair, “on your face or in your case.” So, I carry the case with me. Both are by Ray-Ban.


I carried the same wallet for about five years until it fell apart, and I replaced it about six months ago with something I — once again — plan to carry until it falls apart (hopefully decades from now). Aside from bank cards, credit cards and cash, I also keep a picture of my husband and me inside. I don’t like to keep coins in the coin portion so those go into a little Le Sportsac x Nintendo coin purse (unfortunately it doesn’t exist anymore) I got from my husband while we were in Hawaii.

Stationery case

I purchased my pencil case (which is actually full of colourful pens) at a Japanese dollar store called Yokoyaya at a mall in Vancouver’s International Village. The pens are always ballpoint (those tend to write best in my bullet journal) and are always by Papermate.

Make up and accessory pouch

I’ve had this pouch for nearly ten years, and I bought it when I was still working as a beauty boutique expert for Canadian drug store chain Shoppers Drug Mart. I have a couple of different pouches I cycle through just to liven it up a little. I keep things I like to sometimes reach for in here, like hand lotion, a hair brush, a nail file, and band-aids. I also start the week keeping blotting papers, mints and pressed powder in there — to keep me looking as fresh as I can (I have very oily, acne-prone skin) but usually by Tuesdays those three items are kept loose so that I can easily reach for them.

I do also carry a few other things — like headphones and a camera, but I’m going to save those for another tech-related post — stay tuned!

Don’t forget to check out the video at the start of this post to get an “in-person” idea of what I like to keep in my work bag. What do you like to keep in yours? Comment below!

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