The bullet journal toolkit: part two — setting up on a splurge

In this second part, I present the relatively pricier options I use for bullet journal decorating!

This is the second in a two-part series discussing different ways to decorate your bullet journal. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration in my suggestions to get drawing and doodling — if you do so desire! I’ve linked to the less expensive options if you’d like to read those, as well. 

In this post — which complements the previous post I published — I will be talking about the things I like to use to keep the visual part of my bullet journal fun and inspiring to look at. My last post talked about cost-effective options (under CAD $6.99), while this outlines spending more (CAD $7 and up). No matter what you choose, be sure to pick options that are right for you and your comfort level of decor.

As sprucing up my bullet journal is one of my favourite hobbies, I’ve allowed myself to spend a bit more on other tools and gadgets to give it that extra oomph. Here’s where the larger part of my paycheque (well, aside from paying for necessities) tends to go.

Specialty pens and felt markers

I’m very specific about my pens. In fact, I recently bought new pens because the previous set of pens I use tend to bleed. I only use ballpoint pens now, as they tend to transfer less. My brand of choice hasn’t changed, however — that all still comes courtesy of Papermate.

Amazon also proves to be a dangerous place as I have found a few other kinds of specialty pens — one of which I’ve actually used with mixed results. I am a big fan of metallic sharpies to create frames for days of the week. I’ve also added brush markers to my favourites list. (They will be mine eventually!)

Specialty sticker orders

While one sheet is usually less than $3, shipping can add up pretty quick, so I take advantage of discount codes and buy as many sheets in one go as I can. If you’ve been following this blog long enough you’ll know I am a big fan of Paperkumaco (which has affordable shipping rates for my area) but I’m also looking to branch out and try other places, which I’m sure will cost just as much (if not more) for stickers.

Because I prefer variety in my stickers, I only order five to seven sheets at a time. Previously I confessed to buying about $80 of stickers from the dollar store and I’m just finishing up using those stickers…after having them for almost three years. All in, I’ll spend about CAD $30 on these kinds of orders.

Washi tape

I’ve been burned by poor quality washi tape in the past, so I try to buy solid quality tape — and when I find something that works, I buy two or three (again, I like variety). I still have some really bad washi tape I got from the dollar store, but even then that pack cost me CAD $5 for two rolls. My husband bought me washi tape by 3M and I really liked it; it cost about CAD $8 for two rolls. (Plus they’re holographic, OMG.) 10/10 would buy again.

Uniquely designed post-it notes

I find these in the weirdest places. I found some star-shaped post-it notes on a spontaneous trip to WalMart, while I found my Aggretsuko post-its in a bin at Hot Topic. Both were around CAD $7. These are just another fun way to diversify the look of your bujo.

HP Sprocket

Of all the more expensive things I own, the HP Sprocket continues to pay for itself. This was actually an investment by my husband; not only does it print out photos…the same photos can also be used as stickers! What a time to be alive! You can use this for other things, too…but it’s quite up there in terms of cost: Jon paid about CAD $160, and refill sheets go for about CAD $10 per pack.

What kinds of things do you like to use to decorate your bullet journal? Leave me a comment below!

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