We started vlogging…and it’s been interesting

We’ve been looking for things to do with our new Canon EOS…this is one of them.

Jon and I decided to give vlogging a try for a few reasons: one, I had new camera equipment I needed to practice using. Two, we thought it might be fun. Three, it’d be fun to look back on what we did on the weekends down the road.

After a few weeks of it, I’ve found vlogging to be an odd experience.

In a way, vlogging — or video logging — is a kind of sociological/anthropological experience: you’re chronicling who you are and what you do based on your realm of possibilities in that particular second, day, hour…and so on. It’s funny to see what kind of things we do.

We’ve only been doing this for two weeks, but I feel like in some cases I know what to expect of us…for others, I don’t. That’s what makes the whole thing so intriguing.

I also find putting together a vlog to be quite awkward, particularly the filming aspect of it. For instance, this is what we carry around when we vlog…and yes, we do get some stares. In places like Vancouver it’s not as weird (because everyone just thinks you’re a tourist) but in a spot like New Westminster, we get some weird looks. The activity is most certainly a practice in not caring about what other people think. So far we’re doing okay.

Sometimes in taking discreet shots we inadvertently come up with new ideas. As an example, in the first vlog we put together, Jon came up with a really cool SkyTrain shot.

Overall, I think so far we’re enjoying it — and we’re going to be doing more of these just for fun, and when we feel like it. If you’d like to watch our first couple of projects, we’ve linked them below! You can also subscribe to the channel to get notifications when we post new things. This YouTube channel will also serve as the platform for where I post my “Renouf Writes” related videos.


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