These are a few of our favourite things (to collect)

From pins to Pop vinyl figures, the Halls have a few things they love to collect!

As a kid, I only collected a few things: pogs, Pokemon cards, Lip Smackers lip balms and Sailor Moon dolls. I had to downsize and got rid of most of these things, save a Dragonite Pokemon card I got when I went to go see Pokemon: the First Movie in theatres. (This was one of the coolest experience I’ve ever had as a kid in a theatre, which is why I couldn’t bear to part with it.)

My husband and I are big nerds and have a few kinds of favourite things we’ve made room for in our home to collect.

Pop vinyl figures

There’s just something so fun about collecting these little figures. While I would love to have more, I currently have versions of Sailor Moon, Kirito, Asuna, Art3mis, BB-8, BB-9E, Wounded Dr. Ian Malcolm (which most people actually call the “sexy Jeff Goldblum” pop) and Cuphead (which I actually got for Jon as a gift). If we had room, I would own at least 100 more, but living in a small space prevents that.

These are pretty low maintenance; I dust them every couple of weeks and make sure they’re not tilting (the Asuna one unfortunately has a massive head so she tends to tilt forward, and we often have to reposition her). They’re a lot of fun to look at and make great conversation starters.


Both of us love our comic books and graphic novels, which we don’t actually display and keep on a second bookshelf. A few comics are actually in plastic because they’re old and we don’t want them rotting away, but the majority of what we’ve recently acquired is new.


These pretty much belong to Jon, but they include various Legend of Zelda characters, as well as some from the Super Mario realm and Splatoon. We aren’t as careful with these because we use them playing Switch games, but they are fun to look at when they’re lined up.


I love collecting pins! I have two spots for them: one on my Rag and Bone canvas bag, the other is on my Herschel backpack. Anytime anyone gives me a pin, or if I see a pin that I really love, it gets attached to my bag. These are so much fun to collect and allows me to dress up my bags with a dash of personality. There are a handful that stay home because I know that if I were to lose them, I wouldn’t be able to replace them.

What do you like to collect? Drop me a line in the comments below!

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