My four favourite things to do with a notebook

Big, small, plain, adorably decorated, there are so many awesome ways to make use of a notebook.

I am a big believer in notebooks. I mean, come on, I keep a bullet journal. And apparently it’s not enough for me to keep a bullet journal — I’ve also got a billion notebooks in circulation. Here are my favourite ways to make use of a solid notebook.

One stop shop for lists

The great thing about keeping your lists in one book is that said notebook becomes a great reference tool. I’ve used old notebooks to relocate ideas for dinners, grocery lists, and some of my favourite kinds of make-up. You don’t have to hoard these notebooks once you’re done with them, but they’re a great reference tool down the road.

Commonplace notebook

I don’t tend to be a commonplace notebook user these days but when I was still a reporter these were handy for everything and anything. Pretty straight forward: just write down something you know you’ll need to remember down the road.


Now that I’m rocking the bullet journal I don’t really keep a separate journal anymore but I am thinking of putting together a visual diary down the road. This would be something I keep on a weekly basis. Journaling is such a great way to get all the good, bad and ugly out of your system — no matter how you choose to do it.

Drawing and doodling

Got the urge to draw something? It doesn’t hurt to keep an extra book on hand for your squiggles. I’ve had a few of these and looking back at them has put a smile on my face! (Alternately, some of my old drawings have made me cringe.

How do you like to use notebooks? Leave me a comment below if you’ve got other ways to incorporate them into your life!

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