How to be a tourist in your own hometown

Keeping it close to home can have a lot of benefits.

When it’s been a busy week, it can get a little tiring venturing outside city limits. Sometimes it’s nice to keep it super local — plus it’s nice to get to know your town a little better!

Google your municipality

It takes just a few minutes! Some cities and towns actually run great websites and keep fantastic event calendars. Use that as a starting point to find recommended spots, and perhaps even a few gems you never knew existed. I’ve recently discovered Google Local Guides, which, while it still has a while to go before it’s a bit more developed, but it’s a great place to get inspired and find new spots to enjoy.

Follow city/town social media accounts

On Instagram, I actually follow my mayor’s account, along with the “downtownnewwest” account. Typically the latter will repost what other locals are doing, providing me with some direction when I’m trying to figure out where to go or what to do. It’s not hard to find a Facebook group that’s geared towards activities in your neighbourhood.

Ask for recommendations

You can ask your friends, your neighbours — heck, put a recommendation post up on Facebook. Our landlords will also post any up-and-coming events on bulletin boards near our mailboxes so we can take a look at what’s going on.

Find new routes when running close-to-home errands

This is by and far my favourite way to find things to do. So far I’ve found new places to eat, shop and browse by doing this. Exploring is the most immersive way of finding new spots to enjoy in your home city or town, and it’s the fastest way to figure out what you do and don’t enjoy.

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