Bullet journal layout: September

What kinds of layouts am I digging for September 2018?

Each month, I’ll be blogging about my bullet journal (bujo) spreads and designs. If you don’t know what a bullet journal is then you can read about my interpretation of the practice, or take a look at the basic format.

Once again, I planned ahead for September. In fact, I started designing my weekly spreads in mid-June, because my September was already starting to fill up. At work, I’ve got at least two campaigns I’ve been asked to shoot and produce videos for, and I’ll be travelling near the end of the month to Toronto for a wedding. I am already exhausted just thinking about it!

I designed layouts with the idea of becoming a bit more experimental, but I also finally went to a two-page spread. (This makes life SO much easier and it is far more visually appealing than the one-page spreads were.) There is a lot more room to not only plan, but make notes about the day. I took most of my ideas from different posts on both Instagram and Pinterest, but since I’ve discovered the whole world that is #bulletjournal on Instagram, I’ve been eyeing IG far more these days for that kind of inspiration.

One of the new additions to my layout includes a mood tracker wheel. I wanted to experience filling one of these out; I think it is something that will actively inspire me to open up my bullet journal and write extra notes in it. I also feel like it’s going to look really neat once it’s all done. I’ve stuck with the same kind of at-a-glance page, although this will be the last time I go with this format as I prefer to see everything in my weeklies and it’s much easier to use a monthly calendar in my bujo to figure out which day happens when.

The first few weeks of September are fairly light and fun. I’ve learned to do more things with my washi tape, like turn square cuts into little corners to frame the daily boxes. I’ve also recently found out that you can write on these with permanent marker and they will not budge, so lucky me! More things to do with the metres of tape I have! I’ve also been using my HP sprocket to add some fun photos of Jon and I to the spread. I absolutely love these because they cheer me up so much when I’m having a rough day, or they take me back to a place so chock full of awesome memories.

I think one of my favourite spreads to date has been this little hot air balloon number I created after looking at at least 15-20 Instagram posts on bullet journal layouts. There’s just something about a hot air balloon (at least in my mind) that evokes this sense of travel, escape and wonder all in one go. Funny enough…I’ve never been up in a hot air balloon, but I would love to try it one day!

The final week of September, I had some Alice in Wonderland stickers left from a previous Paperkumaco order, so I tried to draw a teacup, added those stickers, put some confetti behind my hand-drawn header and called it a day. I’d really love to start working on my calligraphy again but I don’t know where to start. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

What did you do with your bullet journal this month? Drop me a line in the comments below!

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