How to get ready for work or school faster

Yay for September! Here are a handful of hacks to get you to work or school with less effort!

Ah yes, here we are again: back to school, back to that usual work vibe. It sucks that the summer break is coming to a close, but these sorts of days should have you ready to go back to the grind. Here are a few shortcuts I like to take when I get ready for work — and free to use these if you’re going back to school, too.

Prepare the night before

I always put together my bag the night before. If I know I need to bring camera gear to work, I take my backpack. If I’m only bringing my usual work fare, I take one of my canvas bags. I also put together my lunch and my clothing choices while I’m packing my bag. Meal prepping for the week takes the convenience a step further, and every few months I rearrange my entire wardrobe to know what it is that I own so that I’m not missing potential outfits and telling myself I’ve got nothing to wear.

Put things away in a ‘regular’ spot

I know where my water bottles and camera equipment can be found. I know where my bullet journal lives when it’s at home. This makes the packing process much faster and less stressful just in case you’re stuck having to prepare your work bag in the morning.

Go to bed a little earlier

I’m far more alert having slept for at least six hours, versus sleeping for three or four. If you need help readjusting your sleep schedule, take a look at my piece on sleep — being an insomniac for more than two decades, I’ve had my share of difficulties trying to go to bed at an appropriate time.

Keep a planner and stick to it

Use your agenda to plan ahead so that you’re not scrambling at the last minute. It is so helpful to have some guidance just in case you catch yourself unsure of what you need to get done. Plus, you can incorporate checklist pages if you’re finding you’re forgetting to take things to work or school.

Don’t keep your alarm clock/phone next to you in the morning

This will force you to get out of bed and get moving and stretching. If your phone or alarm clock is right next to you, you’re more likely to hit snooze. I keep my phone on our dresser, which is at the far end of our room. Yes, it irritates the heck out of me when I have to get up and walk over, but I’m less likely to stay in bed getting up.

Keep your morning routine short and sweet

I get so infuriated when I feel like I’ve got too many things to do in the morning, and I’ve often found myself wishing I had done the majority of my tasks the night before. The less you have to do in the morning, the less cumbersome it is — making it feel effortless when you’re heading out the door.

How do you like to get ready for work in the mornings? Leave your comments below!

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