My favourite bullet journal layouts (so far!)

These are my M.V.P.s of bullet journal spreads!

It’s so much fun to see how much my style has changed when putting together my bullet journal. Right now I’m in a good place with what I’ve been creating, but I’m also open to trying other planners in the future. For now, I’m truly having a time designing layouts — and wanted to share my favourites with you.

My birthday/honeymoon spread

I absolutely love this spread, which actually kicked off the thought processes I now put behind my bullet journal layouts: what would I like to feature in my layouts? Do I have a lot to do that week, or there very little going on? Do I want to incorporate some room to scrapbook things from my experiences? And so on…

Here, I actually kept things simple and left a lot of room for stickers as well as HP Sprocket print outs. I tried to see which, of the things from our travels, would work — our airport baggage tags did the trick. I also discovered a love for metallic sharpies, which I began to scale back on when I found out they transferred when writing on other pages.

This October spread I designed around some intriguing stickers

I must admit when I first purchased these stickers I was drawn to how odd they looked to me; odd in the sense that they weren’t really my style and the theme didn’t seem to make sense. This layout was quite experimental I love how it turned out. Sometimes you just have to give things the old college try and see if it sticks!

This condensed two-week spread I ended up spilling water on

Welp. It was nice. In fact, still looking at it, I appreciate how clean and straightforward it is. This was also a teachable moment: I spilled water all over this at work, and I learned that gel-style pens aren’t exactly water resistant. I’ve found colourful ballpoint pens I now use to fill out my spreads, which makes managing my clumsiness a little easier. (I’ve had a lot of luck with Papermate ball point pens, which don’t tend to run when you spill water — or in my case, coffee — on the ink.)

This design that will mark the end of my first bullet journal

I must admit, I only put this together because I had a lot of HP Sprocket picture stickers I wanted to incorporate…but had no clue how to do so. Everything ended up working out — and while there isn’t too much space in the daily sections, there’s plenty of space in the notes portion. This was also the week I got the idea to use washi tape to embellish the corners of the boxes! Sure, it’s a small detail, but it gave the layout the proper kind of attention-to-detail I was looking for.

This spread that helped me get through #BCWildfires communications

There was a LOT of planning required of me during the wildfire season. At work, we had so many communications pieces to push out — and time was of the essence. Fortunately I was able to find my way because I forced myself to write down everything and map it all out in this handy spread. August was, oddly enough, also a busy time in my personal life; it seemed there was a lot for us to tackle (and in some cases, enjoy: I added a movie ticket for Crazy Rich Asians in there!) but I think it was just my husband and I trying to make the most of our summer while balancing what was imperative to complete.

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