Our trip to Toronto

What we did, ate and more!

It’s official: my fourteen year streak of being away from The Six finally ended last week with a trip to Toronto. We were in town for a classmate’s wedding and it was pretty awesome all around!

The flight from Vancouver (to Kelowna) to Toronto

We started out at YVR, but by the time I’d made it to the “purchasing tickets for our trip” stage of planning in early August, there weren’t any direct flights to Toronto allowing Jon and I to sit together. We opted for a flight to Kelowna, then connected from there to get to Toronto so we could buddy up accordingly.

The flight from Vancouver to Kelowna was great; the flight from Kelowna to Toronto…not so much. I’d say most of the crappy parts about that latter flight were a fluke. I won’t get into detail, but everything that occurred screwed up our Friday evening plans.

We also learned a little bit more about Toronto’s transit system, which, to be frank, I am not a fan of. The signage was confusing; the subway ticketing system is a little out of date, too. We managed to get around, though. It could have been worse!

The wedding

Our friend’s wedding was stunning! You could see he and his now wife worked so hard to make the day memorable for friends and family. The event also served as a bit of a reunion, since we’d all met in journalism school back in 2013. Only one of the five of who attended the wedding (including the groom) still works in news.

The wedding was held at the same place we stayed: the University Club of Toronto. It’s definitely a gorgeous building with a lot of history, and it was the shortest commute we’d ever had to a wedding! (The event was right downstairs.)

The rest of our trip

We caught a Jays game! This was my husband’s first game; I’d been to one back in 2004. (I want to say that 2004 game was against the Rockies, but it was forever ago, so I’m not sure. Either way I was able to point out to Jon from our seats where I’d been sitting at the time.) Unfortunately the Jays lost to Tampa – what can you do?

Later we went out for burritos at Fat Bastard Burrito Co. We were pretty stuffed after that, but were committed to making a stop at Momofuku before we left.

Not long after that, we satisfied our craving for noodles at Momofuku. The ramen is delicious, and while the menu is small, the attention to detail is incredible. I have an obsession with Christina Tosi, so being able to enjoy desserts from Milk Bar made my freaking life.

On our trip, we visited The Burger’s Priest twice. Jon and I enjoyed their food a lot. I am hoping they actually open up locations in Vancouver soon.

The flight home

After about three-and-a-half days, it was time to pack up and head home. We were pretty tired after all the hubbub, but we had so much fun seeing our friends get married! The flight home felt like it was much quicker than it was getting to Toronto.

Toronto is an interesting city, and I’d be up for visiting it again. We’d probably stay a few more days than we did, though! For what we’d been hoping to do, we probably could have used about a week’s worth of time.

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