Bullet journal in review: September

The latest adventures in my bullet journal!

For September the beginning was steady, but not all too busy, and then suddenly after the 15th it became insanity. If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know I was away for a trip to Toronto which was already all planned by the time the 1st of September came around. My bullet journal was mostly used to list off little things to complete, like gathering up things to pack, or making sure I could track any clothing I ordered online.

I had more work meetings this month than I usually do so it was nice to have more space available in the journal than I did in August. Spreading a weekly layout over two pages was far better than sticking with just one, and as different departments request different projects from me, I think I’m going to have to default to the two-page weekly spreads.

This month I tried a mood tracker. Guess what?! I didn’t colour anything in from the 14th onwards! Part of it was I didn’t like how it looked, and part of it was also I was busier than usual towards the end of the month. I feel like mood trackers can be a fun thing to look at, but when you can only dedicate so much time to planning a night, they tend to fall by the wayside. I was considering going back and colouring everything in after the fact, but some days went by in such a blur, I don’t even remember how I felt that day.

I have become less reliant on the month-at-a-glance section. I barely filled it out, and am contemplating phasing out that portion completely in my next bullet journal as well.

I think my favourite layout for this month is my Alice-in-Wonderland themed one. I still need to finish scrapbooking things like travel tickets (planes and trains) into it, but otherwise I like how full it looks. It’s still not THE favourite (that would definitely be the one from the week of my 28th birthday and the first part of our honeymoon) but it’s somewhere in the top five.

Looking forward to showing you my October layouts!

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