Bullet journal layout: December

Here’s how my bullet journal is looking for December!

I can and can’t believe I’m talking about my December layout: around this time a year ago, I was also not very far into my first bullet journal, and I was absolutely experimenting. It was a lot of fun!

This year, I’ve gone into December with a bit more of a game plan…well, kind of.

It was actually for this particular month that I figured out I really shouldn’t decorate too far ahead. Jon and I actually split our honeymoon up into two parts: the first part we took in April (we went to Portland) and the second one was supposed to be in Las Vegas in November. When I opened up this second bullet journal, I unfortunately got the decorating bug (this was back near the end of the summer!) and ended up decorating right to the end of November. Yes. In August. Lesson learned: things change. It works to plan ahead, yes, but you’ll want to be fluid. I wasn’t too keen on changing the layout, which I decorated with a Vegas theme in mind.

We’re now looking at postponing our vacation again, so I’ve pledged not to decorate too far in advance; I think I’ve said no more than six weeks ahead. As I say in the video: keep it simple, y’all.

I opted not to change it because I really loved all the work I did. Had I decided to change it up, I would have put down some cardstock to cover up the old design.

For the cover page, I kept it simple, and took advantage of my washi tape. Don’t know if I’ll add more to it as I go, but I like how plain it is. Maybe next time, I’d add a calendar into the ornament. On the next page, I made use of a dashboard, but I didn’t take into account measurements when I taped this down…and ended up covering up some of the design. Oops!

Most of the layouts are clean, angular and have quite a bit of space. The first week of December is an interesting combination of boxes and lines. The rest of the layouts use columns, be they horizonal or vertical. Many of my choices were vertical.

One of the other things I did was test out my watercolour palette. It was a little scary because I wasn’t sure if the bleed onto the next page would be bad — fortunately I lucked out, and the pages dried well. I’m trying to determine whether or not I’d do this again in this book…I probably will, but I’d like to figure something a little more strategic when applying the watercolour to the page.

I’m looking forward to showing you how I ended up utilizing my November layouts and spreads! You can also find the rest of my bullet journal-related posts by visiting this page on my site!

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