My favourite things — volume one

A handful of things I’ve been enjoying recently.

There are some things — more than others — that I have loved having around. Whether it’s something a little more practical, or something just for fun, it’s hard to imagine what life was like before we had ’em handy!

Lint Shaver

Sure, a lint roller or brush is a basic you should have on hand to keep your clothes clean, but there is something so satisfying about a lint shaver. For me, part of it is how scary good my clothes look after taking said shaver to them. The level of pilling collected by this little gadget can also get intense! I use it mostly for my clothing, but it ‘s also common for me to use it on other upholstered areas, like our couch.

I’ve heard some people say that constantly taking a lint shaver to your clothes can actually destroy them. My rebuttal: no matter how careful you are, your sweater is going to pill, so I’d rather enjoy my clothes looking new, versus months (and in some cases, years) of pilling building up — thus making it look so much worse than it is.

We purchased our lint shaver off of Amazon and for the price point and rating, it does a fantastic job. When cleaning or using the shaver (especially on this particular kind) be careful, as the blades can be sharp!

Organizational Bins

I’ve organized our closets in three stages over the last year, and I’ve finally had some time for stage three, which is to categorize items, place them in bins together, and neatly label the front so I know what’s inside each one. The bins I’ve used in our storage are from a local dollar store; they were $1.25 each! It’s far easier for someone like me to just stand on a step stool, pull one partway out and root around for what I need, than to move piled-up items (sometimes not so safely) and have nowhere to place them.

The items in our bins are light, but you may want to consider utilizing heavy duty bins that work for the items you store in your closet.

Coloured Pens

I easily get bored seeing black and blue ink over and over again, and coloured pens (ball point or or otherwise) can be a great way to spruce up your written work! Right now there are two kinds of pens I am enjoying: my Paper Mate InkJoy ballpoint pens don’t transfer, are vivid, and easy to write with! My Sharpie fine-tip pens don’t bleed through the pages and write smoothly for a crisp look.

My current number one? My lint shaver…because it makes everything look new again! (And it’s so satisfying to shave all that pilling away…)


This was a bit of a break-the-bank purchase by my husband, but for those who would love to be able to watch YouTube, Amazon Prime and Netflix on their TV hassle-free, this gadget will pay for itself pretty quickly. We barely use our cable anymore, and instead flock to this little box for all of our entertainment needs. You can also amp up your tech fleet by sinking money into add-ons like NVIDIA controllers, if you wish! Not to mention the casting capabilities…yeah, the pros for this box are seemingly endless!

One caveat: not every app it boasts compatibility with is available in Canada (hulu works off the box, but, as of writing, not on this side of the border) but hopefully that’ll change.

Oral-B Genius 8000 Toothbrush

This is a funny one: love this toothbrush. In fact, I always feel like I’ve just come out of a cleaning from the dentist’s office once I’ve used it. If you’re buying this toothbrush for the quality of its work, then this is a fabulous investment. (Or, if you’re lucky, you may find it on sale like we did for 50% off at Shoppers Drug Mart.)

There is a downside to this, and that the Oral-B app is probably one of the shittiest apps ever developed. The brush can work with Bluetooth, allowing you to keep track of how well you’ve cleaned your teeth using your phone. *If* the app allows you to pair your toothbrush with your phone, you can track how long/well you brushed, as well as your flossing and rinsing habits. The pairing seems to be fine on my husband’s phone, while my phone asks for a pin (which Oral-B does not seem to provide workaround instruction for in the little booklet, or anywhere online).

If you do take the plunge with this approximately $200 purchase (yes, that’s the regular price), just be aware that the brush tech, as a whole (app+toothbrush) is still not the greatest.

What are you currently enjoying? Drop me a line in the comments section below!


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