Bullet Journal in review: December

What I liked (and didn’t like) about this month’s layouts.

December was a strange month; it felt busy…but not TOO busy. I think part of it was because I’d spread out all my Christmas shopping over an approximately 10-week period leading up to December 1st, so when December hit, I didn’t have all that much gift shopping to do โ€” phew!

Slight tangent here, but I’ve found that other Decembers where I’ve needed to shop for presents are usually horrible and end up becoming massive time constraints because I’d up cram all my shopping into a day or two! And every year it just gets busier and busier. Blegh. (I also never planned as well as I had this year, and Amazon took some of the pressure off me, in most instances.)

I was glad for it to be December as this is when I reach the tail end of my Seasonal Affective Disorder, which I’ve discussed in previous blog posts. SAD typically affects me the most in the fall because my brain seems to have issues accepting the fact that the bright, happy cheeriness of summer is over, and that most plants are about to die. A few weeks before winter rolls around, my mind will have finally caught up and accepted everything, so I feel “normal” again.

December is the second month in my relatively new bullet journal, and I leaned more towards clean, angular layouts. I loved these, yet once again I found myself running out of room to write. I also noticed I’d underutilized some space. I think next time I should probably make larger note/memo sections that I can take advantage of, especially if a weekend (which I usually leave less space for) is not as busy.

Unsurprisingly, project requests began to wind down. I had far less notes to make in December with very little assigned to me, or projects that were quite short. Most of the reminders in my bujo were for long-term projects that needed to wrap up.

With the watercolour test page, I chose to add more stickers to the borders. I think I need to use a lighter hand next time and practice a bit more with these paints before I paint any other sections in my notebook, as the colours appear to have brightened over time.

Lastly, I had a lot of lovely memories this month (we had a great holiday season and had the chance to see family more than usual) so I think I’d like to look at incorporating more space next time or next year for the memory section โ€” doubling that to two pages instead of just using the one.

Want to see what else I’ve done with my bullet journals? Visit this page for a list of all my bullet journal-related work!


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