Reflecting: 2018

For me, 2018 was year of insanity. (Mostly in a good way!)

Hi all! Sorry this is a little late — it’s been a very busy first week at the new job, but I am looking forward to being as consistent as I was before the new gig, promise! Now that things have settled down, I will be posting as I usually do on Sundays and Thursdays ~ thanks so much for your understanding! <3-R

Getting married. A career change — twice. A diagnosis ten years in the making. 2018 was one of the most roller coaster years I’ve ever been on, as it came with a lot of heavy-hitting highs and lows. Fortunately, the majority of my takeaways in 2018 are high notes, and I hope to indulge in more lovely things in 2019.

By a long shot, my favourite moment of the year is getting married to Jon (duh). He is my favourite person and I love being around him. We’ve weathered a lot together this year alone, and as 2018 comes to a close, I couldn’t be more grateful to have him by my side.

My career took an interesting ride! I left CKNW after a nearly five-year stint (scary), started a communications job (also scary) and then decided to give radio another go by way of News 1130 (scary again)! For me, these career changes have been personal growth opportunities. Most importantly, it allowed me to manifest a big appreciation for change. I loathe change, but the more you are exposed to it in various capacities, the more you understand what works for you. Working at the BC SPCA also allowed me to experience working for and with animals, which was so eye-opening.

We saw one of our good friends get married — another happy moment this year. We are so happy to know such a lovely couple — plus Jon and I had the chance to experience Toronto together!

I also started sharing my bullet journal designs and layouts. I’ve been doing it just for fun and, well…what can I say? It’s been fun! It’s also allowed me to become a bit bolder with my designs. I may not be the best artist, but I’m a firm believer in practice making perfect, along with drawing what makes me happy.

One other victory I’ve been really, really proud of: finally learning what was wrong with me. After ten years, someone finally decided to freaking LISTEN to me! I’m still not really ready to delve too much into what was causing my seizures, but I am happy to say that it is being controlled by better life choices pertaining to my diet, fitness and sleep. I have been seizure-free since.

Fingers crossed that 2019 stacks up to be just as great (I’ll also take better!) as 2018. I have so many things planned…and so many goals to try and accomplish!

Thank you to everyone who made my year so great. I hope yours has been just as wonderful — cheers to a fantastic 2019!


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