Bullet Journal Review: February

A look at what I did for my layouts in February 2019!

If there’s one thing that’s surprised me, it’s how much more I’ve come to rely on my bullet journal since I’ve gone back to radio. Life is probably busier now than it was a few months ago, so my previous prediction of keeping layouts to one page (instead of your average two-page spread) was, as Dwight Schrute would say, false.

Cover page

The art of my cover page was inspired by Cthulhu. I’d been talking to my husband about mythical creatures and suddenly had an urge to sketch. So I did.

This was easy to create using pencil and pencil crayons. The remainder of the cover page was created using fine tip Sharpies. I kept it really simple by including a small at-a-glance calendar not far from our creepy looking pal.


Even though this was a shorter month, I chose to make the February layouts go for four weeks. Considering the Monday-Sunday calendar, there was some overlap between January and February. One of the problems I’d been running into is what to do with all the rolls of washi tape I now own, so I wanted to make sure I incorporated washi, where possible, into my designs.

January 28 to February 3

I am a really big fan of this layout. I actually spotted this on — you guessed it: Pinterest. I separated my note sections into four categories: appointments and events, my home and personal to do list, blog and work notes, and a fourth column that included a preview of the week following — plus other to do notes and high-priority memos.

I also took advantage of my llama stickers, and stuck a strip of bronze washi tape at the top to give it a little bit of something so my eyes wouldn’t get bored.

February 4 to February 10

This was the first time in a while I dusted off the stencils. This gave the space a bit more structure; this week didn’t feel like it had a lot of ‘me’ injected into the design, but I liked how clean this looked. It was also the week of my first year wedding anniversary so it was a lot of fun to add more personalized touches to this, including a printed photo from my HP Sprocket. Sticker selections included a few options from my Paper-Ya collection. I’ve also been trying to use up my tab stickers, so I used one to divide up the calendar and my misc notes.

February 11 to February 17

I believe this is the week where it snowed like hell and I was just doing my best to get through each day. I had to walk a lot to catch buses and trains to get to work, so I’d usually come home dead tired. I tried my hardest to fill out my bullet journal as much as I could…but it was rough.

February 18 to February 24

I went with a very pastel colour scheme: I considered doing something that emulated the concept of pattern clashing in fashion. The star washi felt like it was a lot, but I wanted to add more strips of tape that made sense. Enter the pink tape with white polka dots. I think it worked.

Finally, I wrapped up the month with another monthly collage. I’ve been flipping to these a lot recently, and I love these for great little memory jog to help remind me how well the month went.


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