Let’s try this again

Hi everyone!

Hope this post finds you well!

I’ve been meaning to resume posting, but I’ve suddenly realized I’ve said that every month for…well, since February! I actually have a backlog of posts I’ve been meaning to publish and am looking forward to attempting to start up the blog up again as we kick off 2020. (An aside: part of it also comes from laptop problems so I can’t take my writing with me as much as I used to on the train or the bus…ergo, it’s fallen by the wayside.)

For now, I just wanted to say, “I’m still here,” and, in case you haven’t heard, I’m working over at NEWS 1130 so the blog has taken a back seat.

Look for more posts as we approach January. (There’s even going to be one about me no longer having a bullet journal…yowza!) In the meantime, I hope 2019 has treated you well, and all the best for a warm holiday season, and a prosperous New Year!

See you soon!

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