About the Site


Welcome to RenoufWrites! I post whatever is on my mind to the blog, though you’ll usually find content talking about how I get organized, what I like to eat, and what I like to do in my spare time. Sometimes I reflect on my navigation of the world. 

My name is Ria, and I am a journalist and writer with about a decade of experience in the Metro Vancouver media market. I have worked for CKNW/Global News 980, NEWS 1130 and CityNEWS Vancouver. I live with my wonderful husband, Jon, in the regal, beautiful city of New Westminster.

Blogging is a creative outlet of mine. This space is dedicated to the many faces of me in the hope that its content might inspire even one person to…

  • Try something new
  • Pick up some interesting (and sometimes useless!) facts
  • Get emotional: laugh, cry, be annoyed, form an opinion

…or just enjoy the content!

Please note that these thoughts, opinions and reflections do not reflect the stances of any of my employers, past or present.