About the Site


Welcome to Renouf Writes! I post whatever is on my mind to the blog, though you’ll usually find content pertaining to my bullet journaling here.

My name is Ria Renouf, and I am a radio news anchor and journalist based out of Vancouver, B.C. I live with my wonderful husband, Jon, in the regal, beautiful city of New Westminster.

Blogging is a creative outlet of mine. I enjoy experimenting with various mediums to keep the digital tools in my toolkit sharp for work; this includes video, photography — and writing about whatever I fancy online! More often than not, you’ll find me blogging about how to get organized; my favourite thing to write about being my bullet journal. From time to time, I also post about scrapbooking, organizing your life, loving your city, trying new things, my heritage — and more!

I’ve also recently taken on more photography and video work, and take the majority of my photos and video with my Canon EOS M6.

This blog is dedicated to the many faces of me in the hope that its content might inspire even one person to…

  • Try something new
  • Pick up some interesting (and sometimes useless!) facts
  • Get emotional: laugh, cry, be annoyed, form an opinion

…or just enjoy the content!

If you have a story or blog idea, please feel free to reach out to me through my contact page. And of course, my musings are not reflective of my employer. Opinions are my own. 🙂