Social Media Blocking Policy

I have a very strict social media policy that applies to all my social media accounts, as well as my blog.

I have no problems muting and/or blocking and/or reporting you if:

  • You constantly message me to follow you.
  • You send me messages to promote or try a product, and you do it over Instagram DMs, Facebook DMs, Twitter DMs or LinkedIn messaging.
  • You send me direct messages about things I have posted taken completely out of context.
  • You are disrespectful to interact with — whether that’s interacting with me, or I see you’re being disrespectful to someone else.
  • You send me spam or anything that looks like a potential virus.
  • You are a bot account.
  • You send messages that make zero attempt to make normal conversation (because this usually means you’re a bot account).

I do not remove blocks—even if you request to be removed—so just do the right thing and treat people with respect on social media. 😊