Bullet Journal Review: February

A look at what I did for my layouts in February 2019!

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The bullet journal toolkit: part two — setting up on a splurge

In this second part, I present the relatively pricier options I use for bullet journal decorating! Continue reading “The bullet journal toolkit: part two — setting up on a splurge”

Bullet journal layout: August

Taking a look at what kinds of designs I’ve done in my bullet journal for August.

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Bullet journal layouts: July

Taking a look at July’s spreads. Continue reading “Bullet journal layouts: July”

My latest bullet journal adventures

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my bullet journal. Here’s how it’s kept me on track — and also kept me busy.

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This is What We’re Into – Episode Three

This week: it’s all about science, murder, and the old becoming new.

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