SERIES: It’s okay to be you

While I’ve spent most of my time living in Canada, as a child I moved around a lot. I grew up in North Burnaby but also spent time living up and down the west coast, as well as in the Philippines. I grew up in a military home in my early years, and my dad was often asked to relocate; when my parents split up, that stopped.

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SERIES: It’s okay to fail

There was a time where I wouldn’t have ever talked about “failing” something. (I’ll get to why I generally use quotes around the word “failing” later.) The last few years, however, I’ve found myself opening up more about places in my life where things didn’t work out. I’ve had some solid runs with projects but there have also been moments where I’ve looked at an event in my life and felt like everything is ending. Continue reading “SERIES: It’s okay to fail”

SERIES: It’s okay to nerd out on your favourite hobbies

Always take the time to enjoy what you love doing, no matter what people say. You never know when you might be able to help someone else.

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