LISTEN: The Reel Report with Ria Renouf – Friday, September 11 2015

This week Jon and I talked about the Vancouver International Film Festival, the movie that dethroned Straight Outta Compton from its number one spot, and a visit to grandma and grandpa’s house courtesy of M. Night Shyamalan.

In the box office, the number one movie this week was War Room, an American Christian drama focusing on the power of prayer.

Finally, a big contender for the end of the summer – or so we thought – The Visit by M. Night Shyamalan hits the theatres. Many critics are calling this movie “a chance for him to stop the blood-letting from his career.” Ouch. We’ll see next week if the wounds heal up, or if this absolutely destroys him.

I also had the chance to interview VIFF’s Director of Programming. In my interview, we focused on how some people might be intimidated by VIFF (whether that’s because of the kinds of movies that play, or because there are too many movies to wrap your head around), but at the end of the day, it’s an opportunity to enjoy films that you might have never bothered to watch if it weren’t for the festival.

We didn’t have a chance to talk about upcoming releases but Cinderella is out on Bluray, DVD and Digital Download next week, and my Flashback Friday recommendation would be Dog Day Afternoon with Al Pacino.

Until next week – keep it reel!


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