REVIEW – ‘Morgan’ is just another sci-fi bore

“Zzzzzzzzzz” sums it up nicely.

We might as well finish the summer with yet another box office snooze fest.

Morgan is the story of a genetically modified human, played by Anya Taylor-Joy, who poses a threat to the scientific team that raises and studies her in a remote location. When Morgan brutally assaults a staff member (Jennifer Jason Leigh), a ‘troubleshooter,’ Lee Weathers (Kate Mara) has to figure out if Morgan should be ‘terminated.’

As was the case with the film Splice, which came out in 2009, we have another story where scientists blindly work “for the greater good of mankind” to improve the human condition. If you’ve seen Splice, you’ve essentially seen Morgan – yes, even though the two films are about seven years apart. The difference with Morgan is, you go through a sleepier yarn about the humanoid, in order to get to the twist ending. Sure, the finale is smart, but is also easy to spot, if you’re paying attention throughout the movie. (I caught on pretty quick, and was laughing at the end of the film because the hints were so ‘in your face’ throughout.)

I don’t have a problem with most of the acting. I think Taylor-Joy and Mara are both talented, and carried out their roles as they should have. What really limited them here was the story they were working with. The first twenty or so minutes of the film? Interesting. The last seven to ten minutes? Interesting. What we had in between that is essentially a killing spree, used more as a filler than any kind of plot device to tell a story.

Toby Jones was definitely typecast in the same kind of role. If you’ve watched Wayward Pines, and you watch this movie, you’ll notice he’s a carbon copy of David Pilcher. I wish the story had been kinder to Jones, in the sense that we could have more of him, and maybe get rid of some of the other minor characters. I also wasn’t happy with how Michelle Yeoh was used in this film. She came across as more of an afterthought, as opposed to someone overseeing the entire experiment.

Even attaching a big name to this film (howdy, Ridley Scott) couldn’t save Morgan, and, in the end, this film would have played out better as a short than as a feature.

While it’s not the worst movie of the year, it’s not the box office hero summer movie-goers have been looking for. Don’t Breathe did a far better job of that (though, not explicitly).

I’m giving this two-and-a-half sci-fi projects out of five.


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