Bullet journal layout: January

Here’s how I’ve set up the space in my bullet journal for the first month of 2019!

This month is literally going to be a ‘clean slate’ for me: as of January 7th, I’ll be starting a new job anchoring the news for News 1130. It is, indeed, a very exciting time!

It also means that my layouts choices will likely change, because the volume of projects I’ll be keeping track of will be significantly less. (Meaning more room to draw, decorate and scrapbook!)

The cover page is, once again, fairly simple. I used washi tape to cut out a little heart, and decorated the lower half of the page with a thinner, striped option. I also had a spare wax seal from when Jon was testing them for our Christmas cards. I decided to flank the corner of the page with the seal — which I had to crazy glue to the page.

Next came my financial tracker, which I have kept the same. I did add some decorative tape to make it look a little less bland.

My January layouts spill into both December and February, so there are only three weeks before January “ends” in my bullet journal. I had initially planned on putting the week of January 28 to February 3 in as part of my January section, but the artwork I’d utilized ended up working out better (in my opinion) as a cover page and not as a decorative portion of a layout. (You’ll get to see that cover page when I do the rundown of my February bujo layouts; if you’d like to see it earlier then follow me on Instagram because I’ll likely share it far in advance of that blog post!) It was partially influenced by Cthulhu.

My first week of layouts used a LOT of tape — in fact, it was too much tape and I really don’t like it. However, I’m making as much use of it as I can. My second and third weeks are much better: lots of space for each day (with adjustments for the day of the week) and a few little decorative details. The second week includes a simple skull, while the third week is a familiar layout choice that I made great use of towards the end of my first bullet journal.

I’ve also left one page blank for “memories,” because I’ll probably be far busier with work to have time for much else. I’ve usually decorated this right away, but I think I will add the finishing touches (that being the stickers and the washi tape) last so that there’s room to scrapbook everything in without such odd blank gaps in the page.

How are you laying out January in your bullet journal? Leave me a comment below!

One response to “Bullet journal layout: January”

  1. The Layout is awesome. I personally love what you have done with the journal, keep up the good work!

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