Is this thing on?

Uh…hello, again, world!

Welp, that break went a lot longer than I thought. I initially thought I was going to take a short break…turns out I needed a bit more time than I thought.

The good news is I’m back — for now — and am looking forward to publishing as much as possible again!

Long story short: it’s been busy. Since I’ve gone back to radio, I’ve learned a lot…and not just about the station I’m working at, but also about myself. (I may write about that later, still haven’t decided.) The first eight weeks at my job consisted of getting used to my new role, along with the way things work.

In March, we went to Las Vegas. It was the first time for both my husband and I. It was a lot of fun, though I wouldn’t recommend seven days…that was too much for me.

At the end of March I began to learn how to knit. This was a New Year’s resolution that I’ve been wanting to tackle for so long. It is quite hard, but I’m impressed with how far I’ve come.

How is it already April?!

I’m still trying to figure out how exactly to work on my blogs (especially on all the bullet journaling stuff) but hopefully I’ll be able to straighten a schedule out soon.

Consider me back? At least for a bit. We’ll see how long this round lasts. Ha!


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